Zaostrog stretched in a natural and spacious basin, surrounded by high and steep mountain slopes of Mt. Green and white strand zaostroške wide bays lapped by the Adriatic Sea through the Great Gate (the strait between the islands of Hvar and the Peljesac peninsula) poured deep into the Neretva channel until Ston. Place, which has 372 permanent inhabitants settled, still dominates more than half a millennium old Franciscan monastery with a tall bell tower. The visitors opened the monastery museum, an ethnographic collection, a gallery and a large library with over 30,000 titles in significant part from older Croatian literature.

In Zaostrog was a significant part of his creative life was spent perhaps the most prominent Croatian folk poet, Fr Andrew Miosic Jane Smith, known and loved by the people as the "Old Man Milovan" and his greatest literary work "Pleasant conversation Slavic peoples." The records of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus, Ostrog fortress under a mountain Viter, after which the Zaostrog later got the name (s) of Ostrog-(a) was the capital and fortress of the former Croatian state Pagania and founded by Neretvans.

Zaostrog is now a tourist spot famous for miles of sand and pebble beaches. The inhabitants live mainly from renting rooms and suites, as well as agriculture and fisheries. Despite the large tourist crowds during the summer season, the site boasts a range of standardized and high quality catering and ancillary services and facilities. Zaostrog Given the almost ideal geographical location and rich historical heritage, and designed and decorated public areas are strictly limited and the urban construction and development, has high potential as a tourist destination zvučnije. Even more so because unlike some of the other coastal sites preserved rather than ugly devastation of giants and apartment buildings.


Franciscan monastery

In franciscan monastery there is museum, ethnological collection, gallery and a large library with over 30,000 titles, a significant part of the old Croatian literature.